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Antaysia Thomas

Owner & Clinical Director

"I have always had a passion to support children and their families."

Antaysia works with children, adolescents, young adults, and adults going through life traumas, stress, and transitions that have caused depression, anxiety, trouble coping, and other mental health struggles. Antaysia can support you to find healthy coping tools and provide a safe space to process these difficulties. Antaysia uses talk therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness training, self-care training, creative therapy, psychoeducation, and positive psychology to help individuals achieve their goals toward wellness. 

Antaysia earned her Bachelor's in Social Work from the University of South Florida and her Master's degree in Social Work from Howard University. Antaysia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board Certified Clinical Supervisor.

"I have always had a passion to support teens and young adults ages 14-24 years old who are facing hardship. Establishing my own business, Youth Life Services, has given me the opportunity to not only focus on one-on-one support but to impact the community."

(540) 210-7624

Antaysia Thomas
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