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YLS provides individual, family, and community based therapy and counseling to clients 5 years old and up to 50 years old.


YLS strives to reach parents and educators who are seeking a provider to support their children and teens; YLS strives to reach young adults and adults who are struggling with their emotions, lacking motivation, have difficulty doing school work or maintaining a job, and need an outlet to talk out their problems and learn coping skills.


YLS strives to reach children, teens, young adults, and adults who are unsure about how they are feeling, feel their emotions are up and down, are overwhelmed, struggling with procrastination, oversleeping, not caring for themselves, on edge, and/or unsure about life, etc


YLS strives to reach MSW students and pre-licensed professionals who are seeking to support children, teens, young adults, and adults who are experiencing mental health difficulties to build their clinical skills and become effective and compassionate therapists.


YLS helps client gain clarity into their feelings, helps them build emotional awareness/intelligence, help clients feel more comfortable with caring for themselves and getting the ‘know how’ by prioritizing their self care, needs, knowing their triggers, and practicing tools with their counselor or therapist; YLS will also support clients to understand how to navigate the mental health system.


YLS is relationship focused, client centered, prioritizes skill building, and creates a comfortable environment for clients to feel safe.


YLS is known for being supportive, present, advocating for clients, and providing new perspectives into their client’s problems to help them problem-solve and build confidence.


YLS offers an internship site to help increase access to mental health providers and develop the  mental health profession by hiring pre-licensed therapists to earn their license


YLS supports clients to become independent with identifying their triggers, understand their emotions and use tools learned to regulate their emotions, assert themselves in conflicts, and tackle issues with school, relationships, or on the job.


YLS utilized a 4 step method called HEAL!


H-Hello, welcome to therapy! This is the time we get to know you, assign you to a counselor or therapist

E-Engage! You and your counselor/therapist spend time getting to know each other, your situation, and you both develop goals for therapy

A-Alliance! You and your therapist/counselor work together/build an alliance to work through your life stressors and explore coping strategies and problem-solving skills

L-Leap! Spring forward into the next chapter of your life and begin to use the tools and strategies independently to manage stressors while maintaining your wellness




YLS strives to provide the highest quality of care with providers who take pride in what they do to support their clients and the community. We put our best foot forward with professionalism and best clinical practices.Our team is made up of born leaders who strive to build and expand their skills.




YLS is sensitive to the needs of our clients. We take the time to build a relationship with our clients and meet them where they are. With kindness, we challenge our clients to stretch in order to reach their goals . We understand that change is a hard journey but it is possible!


Critical Thinking


YLS’ counselors and therapists are innovative and creative in their approach and strive to make quick decisions to support our clients’ needs. We help connect our clients to the right resources and community support.




YLS seeks to build and maintain strong relationships with the community. “It takes a village.” YLS understands we cannot  tackle the rising mental health needs alone. We have to do this together! 


Breaking Barriers


YLS is passionate about breaking barriers to mental health care by bringing services into the community and increasing representation for underserved communities. This will help break the stigma and increase the access to care with providers serving in outpatient offices, neighborhoods, and schools.

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